415 Action-Packed Neighbourhood Marketing Tips


Attract Customers! Make Sales! Boost Profits! In your own backyard …

This neighbourhood marketing book is bursting with tips to take your retail business to the next level.

It includes:

179 Awesome Neighbourhood Marketing Promotions!

42 Proven Neighbourhood Advertising Tactics!
57 Ways to Market for Next to Nothing!
62 Customer Service Wows!
40 Sharp Social Media Tips!

… and many more tips!

Chapter 4 … “The Extreme Bounce-back”

“The idea behind most bounce-back promotions is to incentivise the customers to return to your store within a defined period of time, usually two weeks to a month. Some bounce-backs are aimed at bringing customers back at a time when business is usually slow. Say, breakfast time at a coffee shop. The extreme bounce-back offers a more attractive deal, but the expiry time is far shorter. Imagine giving a customer a 50%-off breakfast voucher, but it’s only valid for the next month! Another approach is …”

Marketing Guru Basil O’Hagan has decades of experience in the South African retail environment as a marketing consultant. In this handy 267-page book, he explains how selling to your immediate neighbourhood market is the key to success.

Basil O'Hagan

Author, 415 Action-Packed Neighbourhood Marketing Tips

“Basil, it fills me with pride and joy to know that many entrepreneurs will now have access to your cast knowledge and wisdom in neighbourhood marketing and customer service – unparalleled in the retail industry. May everyone reading this book share the benefits we have enjoyed.”

– Terry Moodley, Executive Chairman, Pinnacle Protection Enterprises. Past Chief Executive, Personal and Business Banking, Standard Bank Africa

“Basil has made me realise I need to market my business in my community! His knowledge of retail and contacts has made it easier for me to ‘Get my A in G’ and just DO it!”

– Sharon Tattersall, Owner, Supa Quick Gallo Manor

World Class Customer Service For South Africa

175 Awesome Customer Service Tips

Build Loyalty! Grow Profits! Deliver Sensational Service!

This informative, easy-to-read customer service book is being hailed as the best in its field.
It sold hundreds of copies in pre-orders and is set to become a must-have for all business people.
It teaches Basil’s simple philosophy: put customer service at the centre of your business, and thrive.
Deliver the best possible customer service, and put your business on the road to success.
An in-depth guide book for company owners and managers.

Learn how to:

Lead, train and build a customer-service culture
Use atmosphere to attract customers
Put customer-service into practice
Manage feedback
Create loyal customer

Use social media and technology

Value! Customers Want Value!

Another elusive customer goal is value. You can sense when you’ve got value, but it’s hard to quantify.

Some theorists describe it as follows:


The key to optimising value, then, is to amplify the customer’s benefit from your relationship. If the benefit is large enough, the customer will overlook the drawbacks of cost and inconvenience. The benefit of your customer doing business with you can come from various sources …

Basil O'Hagan

Author, World Class Customer Service For South Africa

Thank goodness Basil has taken the time to write this book. It consolidates the decades of customer service experience this icon of the retail and marketing industry has gained.

– Chris Wheeler (CEO, PostNet SA)

“Customer satisfaction is all very well, but what all of us are really after is Customer Loyalty. Basil’s book explains how to build customer loyalty, the most valuable thing in retail.”

– Darren Hele (CEO, Famous Brands)

“Thanks for your new Customer Service book, Basil. I’ll be implementing these tips in my business as soon as humanly possible.”

 – Tony Marchesini (CEO, H2O)

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  • 415 Action-Packed Neighbourhood Marketing Tips
  • World Class Customer Service For South Africa