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Basil O’Hagan provides eLearning solutions and courseware which offers transformed teaching and learning experiences.

eLearning Benefits for Education in the 21st Century?

  • The power of providing e-Learning material on any device anywhere anytime and by utilising the latest technology and training methods not only offers lower cost and convenience to staff and users, but improves efficiency and ensures user adoption.
  • Providing staff members and students with access to training resources required to get their job done means ensuring they have access to training material wherever they are on any device at any time.
  • The VUCA e-Learning solution allows staff members and students to learn at their own pace and allows course administrators to view the status and progress of each learner.
  • Our fast-changing knowledge-based world has created unprecedented challenges for staff and students. Employers increasingly need employees with a broad range of skills and the VUCA e-Learning platform and services can assist in developing and training employees and students to achieve a highly skilled and trained workforce.
  • To keep staff and students as productive as possible, an e-Learning platform has to be provided that works across cloud and on-premise equipment inclusive of tablets and mobile devices.

e-Learning solutions and courseware transforms the teaching and learning experience by utilising:

» Smart Graphics and visual training aids

» Voice over training aids

» Video, 2/3D animation, virtual reality, and gamification aids

» Interactive video and simulations

» Quizzes, Assessments and Examinations

» Student and Lecturer collaboration

» eLearning training scheduling and setting of target dates for completion

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Neighbourhood Marketing Tips – Module 1

Customer Service – Module 1

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