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Customisations & Consulting

There is gold in your backyard

Engage Basil O’Hagan Consulting Services for an exclusive analysis of your marketing and/or customer service business and customised solution that will, 


help you…
Basil can provide a customised Customer Service Handbook to help your business reach its full potential.

He can also deliver tailor-made a Neighbourhood Marketing Toolkit, for your company.

Have Basil O’Hagan apply the knowledge he shares in his neighbourhood marketing and customer service books directly to your company. See his expertise applied in the most relevant way possible – making your business more profitable!


“Basil is an industry icon… a marketing guru with a proven track record in retail… I have personally watched him transform brand after brand, from ordinary to extraordinary, and create marketing campaigns that have left a legacy.”

Wendy Alberts, CEO – Restaurant Association of South Africa

Neighbourhood Marketing Toolkits

We can customise our neighbourhood marketing toolkit for our clients, from simply changing logos to a fully customised toolkit for your company

We saw significant improvement in performance when we introduced Basil O’Hagan to our network throughout the country.” Chris Russel, Operations Manager – Jack’s Paint

We worked with the Mica Marketing Division at Head Office to produce the Mica Neighbourhood Marketing Toolkit

Basil worked with our Head Office team as well as our Franchisees to develop our Neighbourhood Marketing Toolkit for our coffee shops. There was renewed enthusiasm throughout the group, and an immediate increase in sales.”

Adriaan de Bruyn, CEO – The Daily Coffee Cafe

Basil goes the extra mile for us, and had built up a report with many of our stores. Our store network has asked him to come back and impart his skills again and again.”

Graeme Saunders, Training and Communications Manager – PostNet

Superstar Customer Service Handbook

We can customise our Superstar Customer Service handbook for our clients, from simply changing logos to a fully customised toolkit for your company. This is a basic entry level, customer service handbook for frontline staff.


Our Superstar Customer Service handbook was customised for the Doppio Zero Group. We were very happy with the job done by Basil and his team and service training is done daily, with many tips utilised from this book.” 

Paul Christie, CEO – Doppio Zero


Basil built a single pub into a national chain, not once, but twice, and he did it using the customer service tips in this book.” 

Chris Wheeler, CEO – PostNet 


We did minimal customisation for Ipic, basically incorporating logos. Ipic gave these book as Christmas gifts to the frontline staff of all the tenants in their shopping centres.

Chris Wheeler, CEO – PostNet 

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