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There is gold in your backyard

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Superstar Customer Service

“We have just re-appointed Basil O’Hagan for the 4th time to bring his Customer Service and
Neighbourhood Marketing skills to our network of Business Partners throughout South Africa. He goes the extra mile for us, and has built up a rapport with many of our stores.”

Graeme Saunders, Training & Communications Manager


415 Action-Packed Neighbourhood Marketing Tips

“Basil, it fills me with pride and joy to know that many entrepreneurs will now have access to your past knowledge and wisdom in neighbourhood marketing and customer service – unparalleled in the retail industry. May everyone reading this book share the benefits we have enjoyed.”

Terry Moodley, Executive Chairman

Pinnacle Protection Enterprises

World Class Customer Service for South Africa

“Customer satisfaction is all very well, but what all of us are really after is customer
loyalty. Basil’s book explains how to build customer loyalty, the most valuable thing in

Darren Hele, CEO

Famous Brands

Basil O’Hagan 

With more than four decades of experience in marketing, Basil O’Hagan is one of South Africa’s leading marketing authorities. His specialty is building sales through strategic and neighbourhood marketing and customer service. He has worked in the corporate sector as an entrepreneur and as CEO of a listed company 

After obtaining a B.Com degree at the University of Cape Town, Basil O’Hagan began his journey in marketing as a Brand Manager for Brook Bond Oxo, a Unilever subsidiary. He worked his way up to Regional Sales Manager, acquiring invaluable sales knowledge along the way, and ultimately becoming National Marketing Manager. In 1980, he was appointed Marketing Director of Royal Beechnut for South Africa. 

In 1982 Basil launched his entrepreneurial career as a sales promotion’s specialist, developing more than 2 000 promotional campaigns over a ten-year period. His company, Basil O’Hagan & Associates grew to become the largest sales-promotions agency in South Africa by the early Nineties. 

In 1993 he started the O’Hagan’s Irish Pub & Grill chain, which ultimately became one of the largest themed Irish pub and grill chains in the world. Basil won numerous accolades during the late Nineties. 

Unfortunately, due to interest rates reaching 24% in 1998, as well as stock market crashes, O’Hagan’s suffered a fatal cash flow blow, resulting in the liquidation of the company. Basil came to accept that financial management errors were to blame for the company experiencing financial difficulties and he realized that he was the one who had to take responsibility and accountability for the fall.
However, it was neighbourhood marketing and customer service that had made them successful in the first place.
Basil went on to establish a new restaurant & pub franchise, The Brazen Head. It grew to become another much-loved South African brand. Basil remained at the helm until he sold the operation in December 2013. 

Basil is a survivor, and coupled with a streetwise, “hands-on, in-the-trenches” approach gives him exceptional credibility as one of the most well-respected and sought-after neighbourhood marketing specialists in South Africa. 

He has worked in the trenches as a store owner as well as in corporate boardrooms as CEO of a public company. He has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with owners and operators in many industries throughout South Africa and internationally. 

Most companies today need a new pair of marketing eyeglasses.
Many failed businesses would still be in business today had their owners recognized the power of their neighbourhoods. Unfortunately, they wasted time, and energy trying to lure consumers from far away rather than mining the rich potential in their own back yards.
Basil O’Hagan offers a prescription that will renew your eyesight so you can see the unlimited power in the neighbourhood just beyond your door!

Big Small Business Show

Watch Basil discuss the importance of Neighbourhood Marketing and Customer Service.

Customer Service vs Customer Experience

Entrepreneur, Basil O’Hagan, unpacks the difference between customer service and customer experience

Expert interview with Basil O’Hagan on Neighbourhood Marketing

Retailers, large and small, should be focusing on their local communities. This is the main market for retailers. It is right under their noses, generally, within 10 minutes of their stores. Mine the gold in your backyard 

PostNet Keynote Presentation and Franchisee interviews

Keynote presentation, by Basil O’Hagan at the PostNet National Conference

Three interviews with PostNet franchisees

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