Keynote presentations, seminars and workshops

Let Basil O’Hagan deliver a powerful and entertaining presentation to your team. He shares real-life experiences and talks openly about his mistakes and what he learned from them.

Topics include: World Class Customer Service for South Africa | Superstar Service for Customer facing staff Neighbourhood Marketing – There’s Gold in your Backyard

As a marketer at heart, today O’Hagan travels the country speaking to audiences – large and small about achieving exceptional customer service, and neighbourhood marketing lessons learned during his entrepreneurial endeavours. “I’ve distilled all of this – along with some of the traps that snared me along the way – into powerful learnings for business owners and their employees,” says O’Hagan.


Engage Basil O’Hagan Marketing for an exclusive hands-on analysis of your marketing and/or customer-service business. Enjoy and learn from Basil’s decades of experience.

Tailor-made Superstar Service and Neighbourhood Marketing tips and custom-made solutions applied in all classroom sessions.

Basil has also extended the training offering to include classroom-style workshops for business owners, retailers, franchisors and franchisees, and even corporates. “Sometimes no matter how passionate you are about your company, you need an outsider’s perspective to see what it is lacking and to identify areas for growth. That additional insight and shift in perspective can take moments but make a huge difference,” he says. “I try to help my clients plot their next move and point them down the right path.”

Basil O’Hagan Author

Get Basil’s insight on boosting your customer’s experience and providing a quality to your business that will set you apart from your competitors.


Basil O’Hagan provides elearning solutions and courseware that transforms teaching and learning experiences.

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About Basil O’Hagan

 With more than three decades of marketing experience, Basil O’Hagan is one of South Africa’s leading marketing authorities. He has worked in the corporate sector, as an entrepreneur and as CEO of a listed company.

Watch Basil’s Interview on BusinessDay’s The Big Small Business Show where he discusses the “10 Minute Market” and gives advice on how to promote your business to your direct target market. Basil is also a contributing editor to the Entrepreneur and Your Business magazines.

“Basil O’Hagan is probably South Africa’s best neighbourhood marketing guru!”
Luis Ferreira

CEO & Founder, Adega Portuguese Restaurants

“Basil has made me realise I need to market my business in my community! His knowledge of retail and contacts has made it easier for me to ‘Get my A into G’ and just DO IT!”
Sharon Tattersall

Owner, Supa Quick Gallo Manor

“Good Customer Service is the lifeblood of a successful business. Basil is to be commended for sharing his experience in this critical discipline”
Kevin Hedderwick

Past CEO, Famous Brands