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Basil O’Hagan is an industry icon, boasting experience of more than three decades in the marketing and brand-building arena. He is a marketing guru with a proven track record in retail and has been a pioneer in developing innovative marketing ideas and opportunities. This book of 415 Action-Packed Neighbourhood Marketing Tips consolidates Basil’s years of experience, his passion and mastery in one place. It is a sound, brilliant compilation of valuable, practical tools to successfully build your brand through neighbourhood marketing.

In the world of marketing you need a plethora of new media, innovative ideas and untouched avenues that capture the power of branding, and in this world Basil is the master.

“I recommend this book to all retailers looking to make a success of their business. Neighbourhood marketing is the best way to integrate your store into your community and build an ongoing relationship for your mutual benefit.” – Wendy Alberts – CEO: Restaurant Association of South Africa

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